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  • Premium IT-Security Produkte
  • RFID Security
  • Digitale Forensik
  • LEA & Rugged Produkte
  • Sonderbeschaffung

HAK5 LAN Turtle 3G

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HAK5 LAN Turtle 3G.Test your networks and computers. LAN Pentest device. Mr.Robot hacking tools

HAK5 LAN Turtle 3G

Drop a LAN Turtle. Get a Shell.

Die LAN Turtle ist ein verdecktes System zur Verwaltung von Systemadministration und Penetrationstests, das über eine einfache Grafik-Shell stealth-Remote-Zugriff, Sammeln von Netzwerkdaten und Man-in-the-Middle-Überwachungsfunktionen ermöglicht.

Das Gehäuse der LAN Turtle befindet sich in einem generischen USB-Ethernet-Adapter-Gehäuse und lässt sich in viele IT-Umgebungen integrieren.

USB Ethernet adapters are ubiquitous

This seemingly innocent USB Ethernet adapter packs a covert backdoor. With man-in-the-middle tools built in, you can gobble up all of the interesting data. Supports massive storage options from the MicroSD card reader hidden inside. Save heaps of network traffic, or load it up with all your favorite pentest tools.

Easy Module Setup

Setting up a reverse shell for persistent remote access is just a matter of checking a few boxes.

With a repository browser built-in, getting more modules is automatic.

Or write a modules with the simple API.

Cloud ready

Pentest from anywhere online with the free self-hosted Cloud C2. Exfiltrate loot and pivot through the LAN with ease. Even drop into a root shell right from your web browser for full access to the entire LAN Turtle arsenal.

Penetration Testers

  • Pivot with a persistent Meterpreter session in Metasploit
  • Scan the network using nmap
  • DNS Spoof clients to phishing sites
  • Exfiltrate data via C2EXFIL or SSHFS
  • Man-in-the-Middle inline computers capturing browser traffic

Systems Administrators

  • Access to the entire LAN through a site-to-site VPN
  • Automate management scripts with hourly email reports
  • Receive alerts based on defined network traffic
  • Maintain remote access with Cloud C²
  • Quickly gather pcap (packet captures) files

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