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  • Premium Cyber-Security Produkte
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  • LEA & Rugged Produkte
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WiFi Pineapple Mark V

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WiFi Pineapple Mark V. Penetration testing device for network security testing.Check if your network is safe against vulnerabilitys.

WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard

The WiFi Pineapple is a unique device developed by Hak5 for the purpose of WiFi auditing and penetration testing. Since 2008 the WiFi Pineapple has grown to encompass the best rogue access point features, unique purpose-built hardware, intuitive web interfaces, versatile deployment options, powerful software and hardware development aids, a modular application ecosystem and a growing community of passionate penetration testers.


The WiFi Pineapple is the only hardware with dual integrated radios custom built for advanced wireless attacks. The Mark V generation is based on the formidable Atheros AR9331 system on a chip (SoC), which includes a 400 MHz MIPS processor, 16 MB ROM and 64 MB RAM. Onboard is the infamous Realtek RTL8187 radio with monitor and injection capabilities, a Micro SD memory expansion port, a bank of configurable auto-attack mode switches, a USB 2.0 host port and 10/100 Ethernet port.


At the core of the WiFi Pineapple is a modular web interface designed to simplify the management and execution of advanced attacks. A set of "infusions" (modules) provide convenient graphical front-ends for popular command line applications. Infusions can be installed to the device over-the-air from an online portal. These free applications install in a matter of clicks. Additionally, infusions may be developed directly on the device using the open application programming interface (API). Once submitted for review, your Infusion will be included in the online portal for all WiFi Pineapple users.


With the ability to perform passive reconnaissance of WiFi nodes in proximity, the penetration tester is provided a visual interpretation of the wireless landscape, complete with access points, their connected clients, and unassociated clients. This actionable intelligence provides the tester with the information necessary to target specific networks or individuals.


The WiFi Pineapple integrates with standard pentest frameworks such as Metasploit via Meterpreter. A standard toolset offers popular utilities such as nmap, sslstrip, aircrack-ng, dsniff, tcpdump and many more via downloadable packages or infusions. Standard file formats such as pcap can be captured from the device on to Micro SD cards for later analysis using tools such as Wireshark and Kismet.


Man-in-the-Middle power is achieved through PineAP. By thoroughly mimicking Preferred Networks, this advanced Rogue Access Point suite attracts modern smart devices into connecting to the WiFi Pineapple. Capable of impersonating public and secured WiFi access points, with its device specific precision, PineAP provides the penetration tester with targeted client acquisition capabilities. In this scenario the attacker can monitor all network traffic flowing between an Internet gateway and the connected clients as well as manipulate this data in transit such as through captive portals, DNS spoofing, IP redirection and even the substitution of executables in transit.


Deploy with confidence while maintaining persistence, pivoting, and potential. Either through Meterpreter sessions, SSH shells or SSL VPN tunnels, the WiFi Pineapple will keep a constant connection to your home base for uninterrupted monitoring and management by one user or an entire red team. Out-of-band connections may be established as the WiFi Pineapple supports over 300 Mobile Broadband modems and Android USB tethering.


As a small form factor device with low energy requirements and variable voltage acceptance from 5-12v, the WiFi Pineapple is perfect for long duration stealth deployments. In many novel enclosures, the WiFi Pineapple can be easily concealed at client sites throughout an entire engagement. An accessible serial port provides dedicated console access while the expansion bus may host a Hardware Development Kit (HDK) module for custom projects. The device firmware can be reset to defaults or reinstalled without need for additional hardware by using a convenient DIP switch configuration.


The WiFi Pineapple Mark V provides incredible value. Included with any kit is access to an active community support forum, Pineapple University tutorial videos and documentation. Software patches and firmware upgrades are provided free of charge throughout the life of the device. Registering your product and enjoy accessory discounts at the HakShop.


Whether demonstrating vulnerabilities or discovering new ones, the WiFi Pineapple is more than a platform - it's a community for creativity. Rickrolling clients, powering off WiFi drones mid-flight, tracking commercial airliners and logging WiFi connections are only some of the creative things being done within the WiFi Pineapple community. Your creativity is welcomed on this Linux based embedded device with support for python, php, perl and ruby. Why not join the community?