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  • Premium IT-Security Produkte
  • RFID Security
  • Digitale Forensik
  • LEA & Rugged Produkte
  • Sonderbeschaffung

Mooltipass Passwort Manager

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Mooltipass Password Keeper / Manager. Sicherer passwort Manager. Speichern Sie Ihre Passwörter sicher und schnell abrufbar!

The Mooltipass Password Keeper

Mooltipass is an opensource password keeper and microcontroller. A password keeper for all platforms and devices, that can also be converted to use Arduino shields! "Leeloo Dallas Mooltipass"

You will get the Mooltipass with two Cards and USB cable. You can order additional cards via contact. Mooltipass is small and easy to use.

Logins and passwords are critical elements we need to remember to access the different websites and services we use daily. To achieve good security, each of these credential sets should be unique and passwords should be long and complex. But remembering many long complex credentials is hard.

We therefore created the Mooltipass, a physical encrypted password keeper that remembers your credentials so you don't have to. With this device, you can generate and safely store long and complex passwords unique to each website you use. A personal PIN-locked smartcard allows the decryption of your credentials and ensures that only you have access to them. Simply visit a website and the device will ask for your confirmation to enter your credentials when login is required.

It is extremely simple to use the Mooltipass:

  • Plug the Mooltipass to your computer/tablet/phone. No driver is required.
  • Insert your smartcard, unlock it with your PIN. Without the PIN, the card is useless.
  • Visit a website that needs a login. If using our browser plugin, the Mooltipass asks your permission to send the stored credentials, or asks you to save/generate new ones if you are logging in for the first time.
  • If you are not using the browser plugin or are logging in on something other than a web browser, you can tell the Mooltipass to send the correct login and password. It will type it in for you, just like a keyboard - so it can be used anywhere!

Technical Specifications Mooltipass:

  • 1Mb storage flash (can be extended up to 32Mb)
  • With 1Mb storage flash, can store up to 384 credential sets (ascii based)
  • Proximity and touch sensing (6 keys)
  • ATMega32U4 main micro-controller
  • Full-speed USB (microUSB connector)
  • Card recognition limit: 37 cards
  • User limit: 15 users
  • 1Kb read protected smartcard
  • 256x64 pixels OLED screen
  • AES-256 bit encryption