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  • Premium Cyber-Security Produkte
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LAN Turtle SD + Book Hak5

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LAN Turtle SD + Book. Mr.Robot hacking tool....USB Keyboard for "auto script" ops - Keystroke Injection Attack Platform

LAN Turtle SD + Book

Drop a LAN Turtle. Get a Shell.

Die LAN Turtle ist ein verdecktes System zur Verwaltung von Systemadministration und Penetrationstests, das über eine einfache Grafik-Shell stealth-Remote-Zugriff, Sammeln von Netzwerkdaten und Man-in-the-Middle-Überwachungsfunktionen ermöglicht.

Das Gehäuse der LAN Turtle befindet sich in einem generischen USB-Ethernet-Adapter-Gehäuse und lässt sich in viele IT-Umgebungen integrieren.

LAN Turtle USB

The LAN Turtle is a covert Systems Administration and Penetration Testing tool providing stealth remote access, network intelligence gathering, and man-in-the-middle surveillance capabilities through a simple graphic shell.

Housed within a generic "USB Ethernet Adapter" case, the LAN Turtle’s covert appearance allows it to blend into many IT environments. Lieferzeit bis zu 3 Wochen.


Set it up for Remote Access, Man-in-the-Middle or Network Reconnaissance.


Disguised as a USB Ethernet Adapter, it easily blends in with your target network.


Get a shell at on your home server or cloud VPS over SSH, OpenVPN, Meterpreter and more.


The LAN Turtle is packed with features for remote access, man-in-the-middle and network recon. Everything the LAN Turtle does is a module, and you can download new ones right to the device from the module marketplace. Keen on writing a module? Code one in bash, python, or php with a dead simple API.

For Everyone


Pivot with a persistent Meterpreter session in Metasploit.

Scan the network using nmap.

DNS Spoof clients to phishing sites.

Exfiltrate data via SSHFS.

Man-in-the-Middle inline computers capturing browser traffic.


Access to the entire LAN through a site-to-site VPN with the LAN Turtle OpenVPN client acting as gateway.

Automate a management script with the results sent every hour by email.