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L-Band Antenna

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L-Band Outdoor Antenna

Active Antenna AS154 Mk2 with 10m RG58 Cable for 1540 MHz Band for Permanent Use

An active Antenna with 10m RG58 Cable for permanent placement outdoors to explore and experiment with reception of satellite signals on frequencies between 1530MHz to 1550 MHz.

Suitable for SDRPlay SDR Radios (RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro, RSPdx, RSPduo) and also for other Radios fitted with Bias Tee facility supplying 3V – 5V DC.

Can provide reception of signal with popular JAERO software and other decoder Software where not forbidden by local Laws.

The Patch Antenna can be conveniently mounted by fixing to an 23mm dia outside mast Frequency band 1535 MHz – 1550 MHz and comes with a 10 meter RG58 cable with fitted SMA Male plug.

This is the Mk2 version which is fitted with 1542 MHz Band Pass Filter for improved rejection of strong out of band signal.

Fitted with 10 meter RG58 cable and SMA Male plug.

Mk2 version with fitted 1.542 MHz Band Pass Filter

Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) Omni-directional

Noise Factor <2dB

Gain 28-30dB - built-in metal ground plane. Requires 1 inch diameter pole for mounting Note: there is some confusion about the thread, which could be 1 inch 14 tpi or G3/4 equivalent BSPP 3/4"

Temperature Range: -40 to +85C

Notes: Reception on L-band frequencies from geostationary satellites requires the Antenna to be placed in a OUTSIDE Location with a clear view of the Satellite.

Sensitiivty is 360 degrees round in the horizontal (X) plane, however there is a reduction in sensitivity in the vertical plane at lower elevations below 30degrees. It therefore pays to direct the Antenna to the direction of the Satellite for best reception. Unlike GPS signals from orbiting satellites - Reception may not generally not be possible from Geo stationary satellites when the antenna is placed inside a car or inside buildings. Adverse weather (rain or snow) and also change in Satellite radiating footprint during the day may affect reception.

Product Support Information: Please read the following information before ordering the Antenna to avoid potential disappointment: This Antenna designed for permanent Installation on a suitable pole outdoors, designed to our specification is successfully used with all SDRPlay Radios, RSP1A, RSP2, RSP2pro and RSPduo by many of our Customers.

Successful operation may be possible but has not been tested with other manufacturer's radios, like RTLSDR dongle which may have different front-end chips depending on the manufacturer.

This is an Active Antenna with internal low-noise amplifier which will only work with Radios which have +3 - +5V Bias-Tee option.

Bias-Tee must be enabled in software and LNA Gain and IF Gain controls must be set to maximum. When enabling Bias-Tee option you should immediately see the background noise increase by at least 10dB on the Panoramic Display.

The Antenna comes with a standard cable length of 10 meters RG58 Cable. It may be possible to extend the cable length by adding a second 10m length of low loss RG58/U cable, however at the cost of loss of signal strength.

The Antenna can be mounted on a (wooden or aluminium pole with 1 inch diameter. Conveniently a wooden pole (Broomstick) may be used of which the diameter is trimmed down to give a solid fit inside plastic antenna mount. Do not force otherwise the the plastic mount may split. For permanent position mount in an area where there is a free unrestricted path to receive the Satellites.

Tools to help you are: www.dishpointer.com or http://www.sat-direction.com/

The Antenna is omni-directional in the horizontal plane, however there is about 2 dB additional antenna gain in the vertical plane when the top of the antenna is pointing towards the satellite. For example reception satellite at 55w from UK elevation is about 15 degrees from horizon. Position the antenna at a 25 deg angle,downwards will give a slightly higher signal level as antenna provides more gain at elevation from 40 degrees and higher compared to below 30 degrees.

The RG58 cable should be properly installed, supported every 50cm using cable clips, tie wraps or another method.

Successful operation may not be possible if the antenna is located within 50m-100m distance from a nearby Mobile Telephone Base-Station or from local Transmitters operating nearby. A good test is to take the RX and the Antenna out into the country side and test this on top of a 2 meter wooden pole inserted into the ground.

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