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  • Premium Cyber-Security Produkte
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CANFDuino combines several essential features into one complete, "ready-to-modify" package built for the real world. It provides dual CAN/CANFD ports, an SD card slot, and plenty of analog and digital IO. It also includes a built-in prototyping shield for SMT and through-hole components, a rugged aluminum enclosure, and robust connectors.

CANFDuino supports CANFD, the latest version of the CAN-bus standard, which accommodates speeds of up to 5 Mbps. Its has two native ports with DB9 connectors in an enclosure that’s ready to be mounted on your vehicle or installed in your autonomous project. This platform was designed for tinkerers, hackers, and industry professionals looking for an off-the shelf, open-source CAN-bus solution that requires little or no hardware assembly.

Traditional open-source CAN-bus solutions require multiple shields, hand wiring, delicate soldering, and merging of code libraries. They also require that you design and build your own enclosure to protect the result.

CANFDuino is a finished, "ready-to-modify" product. It gives you a prototyping space, it simplifies the addition of Arduino IDE software libraries, and it comes with an enclosure. Hack & Modify Vehicles CANFDuino can be used for stand-alone vehicle hacking and spoofing—with no PC required. You can also use it for modification and automation of vehicles. It has no problem merging ECU data signals and driving IO based upon CAN/FD messages lights, custom switches, etc. It can also drive actuators, motors, and LED’s or record and transmit sensor and vehicle data via CAN.

2x CAN/FD-bus sniffing from a web browser or terminal program

CAN/FD-bus gateway (merge messages from one bus to another)

OBD2 data logging to SD card

Analog inputs to CAN/FD output

CAN/FD input to PWM output

Digital input to CAN/FD output

CAN/FD-bus fault simulation

CAN/FD to remote telemetry

Features & Specifications

Based on Microchip ATSAMC21G18A

2 native (fast) CAN/FD ports SD card slot

10 analog inputs

Up to 24 digital IO w/14x PWM

2x UART (+1USB)

1x I²C (2wire)

1x SPI

3.3 V and 5 V supplies

Rugged aluminum case w/DB9 CAN connectors Slide out PCB with prototyping space for through-hole and SMT footprints

12-way screw terminal block IO

Support & Documentation

You can find all of the information you need to install and test CANFDuino support for Arduino IDE—and to run and test your first CAN sketch—on GitHub. Example scripts are provided for dual-port bus sniffing, CAN-message gateway applications, OBD2 logging to an SD card, analog-to-CAN, CAN-to-PWM, I²C, UART, and SPI testing.

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