T5577 Keyfob RFID Pentest

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T5577 Keyfob RFID Pentest


The T5577 Keyfob  is a rewritable Low Frequency tag capable of emulating HID ProxCard II, EM4100 and Indala tags. These black keyfob tags are smaller than a traditional T5577 tag with the ability to be attached to a key ring.
The tag operates at 125kHz. The Proxmark firmware and client include code for programming these tags.


    Contactless power supply
    Contactless Read/Write data transmission
    Radio frequency fRF from 100kHz to 150kHz
    Basic Mode or Extended Mode
    Compatible with Atmel® T5557, ATA5567
    Replacement for Atmel e5551/T5551 in most common operation modes
    Configurable for ISO/IEC 11784/785 compatibility

In The Box: 1x T5577 Tag
Weight: 4 g
Operating Frequency: 100kHz to 150kHz


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