AirDrive KeyLogger Max

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AirDrive KeyLogger Max


The AirDrive Keylogger Max is an enhanced version of the AirDrive Keylogger, with additional connectivity options. It works both as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and as a Wi-Fi device, enabling features such as Email reports, time-stamping, and data streaming. Airdrive Keylogger Max


Records keystrokes from any USB keyboard
16MB internal flash memory
100% stealthy, undetectable for security software
Supports over 40 national keyboard layouts
Compatible with barcode readers
Works as a Wi-Fi hotspot
Connect from any computer, smartphone, or tablet
Access data from web browser, no software or app necessary
Retrieve data remotely without touching the device
Simple and clear WWW interface
Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 network security
Memory protected by hardware encryption



AirDrive Keylogger Pro and Max version:

    Works as a Wi-Fi hotspot, or as a Wi-Fi device
    Sends Email reports with recorded data
    Supports time-stamping
    Live data streaming


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