LAN TAP Rack Mount

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Dualcomm Rack Mount LAN Tap


1U Rack-Mount Kit

1U rack-mount kit for up to three units of ETAP-5203 Failsafe Network Tap or up to two units of DBPS-4005,  ETAP-2406, or ETAP-3105.

This 1U rack-mount kit can also be used to hold up to five units of DMC-XG Dual 10G Media Converter or ETAP-XG 10G network TAP.

ORDER INFORMATION: RMKIT-1000,1U Rack-Mount Kit for Dualcomm Network Tap ETAP-5203, ETAP-3105 and ETAP-2406, ETAP-XG, Bypass Switch DBPS-4005, and Media Converter DMC-XG

Professioneller LAN Tap für IT-Security, Network Monitoring und Pentesting



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