ETAP-1000 Fast LAN TAP

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ETAP-1000 LAN Tap - LAN Monitoring


Zero-Delay Fast Ethernet Copper TAP


Network TAP for use with a 100Base-T fast Ethernet copper link
    Zero packet delay
    Failsafe and Link Fault Pass-Through
    Gigabit monitor port to capture packets without dropping a single packet
    USB powered
    Compatible with PoE with PoE power pass-through between two inline ports
    Metal case. Small form factor

Dualcomm ETAP-1000 is a Network TAP for use with a 100Base-T Fast Ethernet copper link.  It ensures zero packet delay, which is critically useful for capturing or monitoring packet traffic flow in a delay/latency-sensitive network such as EtherCAT and PROFINET.

Although ETAP-1000 is for use with a full-duplex 100Mbps Fast Ethernet link, it is implemented with a gigabit monitor port so that no packet would be lost even if the link is running at the full line rate of 100Mbps in both directions which is equivalent to an aggregated traffic throughput of 200Mbps.

ETAP-1000 supports power Failsafe Bypass by which the link connectivity will still not be affected in the event that ETAP-1000 loses its power. As such, ETAP-1000 can be deployed in a critical path in a network.

When a link goes down on either side of the ETAP-1000 Tap, the link on the other side of the ETAP-1000 network TAP will go down automatically. This feature is usually desirable or required for high availability deployment to reduce the time for activating a redundant link path in a network.

ETAP-1000 is compatible with "Power over Ethernet" (PoE) so that deployment of an ETAP-1000 Network Tap would not block the end-to-end flow of PoE inline power, which is a very useful feature for monitoring or capturing data traffic of a PoE Ethernet link.

ETAP-1000 can be conveniently powered from a USB port of a host device such as a laptop.


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