Shark Jack Hak5

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Shark Jack Hak5


Shark Jack Hak5 - Network Attack im Taschenformat NEU!

The latest Hak5 Gear is the perfect for penetration tester.

This portable network attack tool is a pentesters best friend optimized for social engineering engagements and opportunistic wired network auditing. Out-of-the-box it's armed with an ultra fast nmap payload, providing quick and easy network reconnaissance. The simple scripting language and attack/arming switch make loading payloads a breeze, and the RGB LED provides instant feedback on attack stages. Hak5 Shark Jack.

Portable Network Attacks
Jack into a network and instantly run advanced recon, exfiltration, attack and automation payloads.


Perfect for physical engagements and social engineering. Keep this opportunistic wired network attack platform at the ready for intelligence gathering at a moments notice.


The simple scripting language lets you quickly develop payloads using bash and familiar Linux network tools so you can automate any attack.


Jack into a LAN. Gather loot. Exfiltrate. Even interact with payloads and drop into a full Linux shell right from the web.


SSH in for root access with all the fixings and find familiar command line network utilities at the ready.

Optimized Design

Fast USB-C Charging.
Easy Attack Switch Operation.
Fun, like no other pentest tool.



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