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ETAP-2406 LAN Tap - LAN Monitoring


Zero-Delay Fast Ethernet Copper TAP

Network TAP with two SFP inline ports
    Support both Gigabit (1Gbps) and Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) SFPs,
    Support both copper and fiber Ethernet SFPs
    Zero packet delay. Great for use in a real-time industrial Ethernet network
    Four monitor ports available in either aggregate or non-aggregate monitor modes
    USB powered

Dualcomm patent-pending ETAP-2406 is a Network TAP with two inline ports for use with small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules. The two SFP modules can be any Ethernet SFP modules that are in compliance with the Ethernet standards for Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps),  Fast Ethernet (100Mbps), copper Ethernet (100Base-T or 1000Base-T), or fiber Ethernet (100Base-FX or 1000Base-X). A selector switch is used to select the speed of the two SFP modules that are to be used with ETAP-2406.

ETAP-2406 is a zero-delay inline device that introduces no additional packet latency. Such a unique feature is usually demanded when a network tap is used in a real-time industrial network such as EtherCAT and PROFINET.

ETAP-2406 offers four (4x) gigabit copper monitor ports, which can be used as four separate aggregate monitor ports or two pairs of non-aggregate monitor ports. A selector switch is used to configure which monitor mode is to be adopted. In the aggregate monitor mode, each of the four monitor ports outputs a copy of aggregated inline traffic in both directions. In the non-aggregate monitor mode, each monitor port outputs a copy of inline traffic in only one direction.

ETAP-2406 is powered by +5VDC, which can be conveniently supplied from a USB port of a host device such as a laptop.

ETAP-2406 can be rack-mounted with the optional mounting hardware kit (Model No. RMKIT-1000), which is available for purchase separately.

ORDER INFORMATION: ETAP-2406, Dual-Speed 100M/1G SFP Network TAP, RMKIT-1000,1U Rack-Mount Kit 

Professioneller LAN Tap für IT-Security, Network Monitoring und Pentesting



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