Cactus WHID Wifi USB

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Cactus WHID Wifi USB


Take Social Engineering to the next level with a USB Cactus whid hidden inside an inconspicuous "thumb drive" case. All the fixings included. Hack like Mr.Robot with the USB Rubber Ducky.

Cactus WHID: WiFi HID Injector USB.

WiFi HID Injector for Fun and pentesting – An USB attack / pentest device with wifi and development. Customized HW based on Atmega 32u4 and ESP-12S.

This device allows keystrokes to be sent via WiFi to a target machine. The target recognises the Cactus as both a standard HID keyboard and a serial port, allows interactive commands and scripts to be executed on the target remotely. Develop your own apps or use it for pentesting. Now pentester can use a USB attack platform remotely to operate or demonstrate.

Third-Party Softwares Compatible with WHID’s Hardware


Package contains:

Cactus WHID x 1 USB case x 1
We put anti-static wrapper outside of pcb, please carefully remove the wrapper before putting into the case

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