RFID NFC blocking wallet

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RFID NFC blocking wallet

The RFID-Security Wallet is a PCB wallet consisting of two sides and a band, blocks RFID sniffing, and has an SMD reference sheet with the most common part footprints, conversions, hole sizes, pin pitch and two rulers (inches, centimetres). Quite a few bank/ID/entry cards can be placed inside and cash can be held by the band if needed.

Block RFID access to your wallet.

Each side is made of 1.2mm FRU4 with matte solder mask and ENIG (gold) plating for an awesome look! Successfully blocks 125MHz and 13.56MHz readers.

RFID-Security for your digital wallet!


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Ubertooth One USB Ubertooth One USB
185,00 € *
Proxmark3 RDV2 Kit Proxmark3 RDV2 Kit
319,00 € *
Proxmark3 Kit Proxmark3 Kit
289,00 € *
Proxmark3 Easy Proxmark3 Easy
199,00 € *
T5577 Keyfob RFID Pentest T5577 Keyfob RFID Pentest
19,00 € *
HID 1326 ProxCard II HID 1326 ProxCard II
19,00 € *
Lockpick Set Lockpick Set
59,00 € *
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