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Software Defined Radio


This Software Defined Radio (SDR)Starter kit includes a USB dongle featuring the widely supported Realtek RTL2832U and R820T chipsets, plus a versatile MCX antenna.

Thinking about getting into the fantastic world of Software Defined Radio? This is the perfect introduction kit! With direct support in GNURadio and SDR Sharp as well as Linux Distributions like Pentoo, Kali, or RTL-SDR Ubuntu. It's even supported right out of the box from our very own WiFi Pineapple.

Follow along with many of the tutorials from Hak5 and the RTL-SDR blog.



  • DVBT:48.25 ~863.25 MHZ

  • FM radio: 87.5~108 MHZ

  • DAB radio: L-Band-1452960~1490624 KHZ

  • VHF—174928~ 239200 KHz

  • Will work for both for software defined radio and DVB video capture (where available)

  • Compatible with most SDR software. Approx range: 25MHz-1700MHz
  • 6-8 MHz Bandwidth



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