NFC RFID Reader Writer - DL533N USB Stick

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NFC USB Stick - DL533N - NFC Reader Writer


The NFC USB Stick enables reading and writing of NFC cards and tags as well as NFC P2P communication. It is build upon the NXP PN533 chip. NXP's PN533 supports the full range of the NFC Forum specifications and standards.This product is fully supported by the open source library LibNFC, which makes it a good starting point for development of NFC applications on various platforms.Using  LibNFC libraries and examples is well explained on LibNFC community and forums.LibNFC is open source project, has a big community and is developed continuously.
Typical usage

        Read NFC-Tags: Read contents of NFC-tags like most of MIFARE® cards, FeliCa, Topaz.
        Write NFC-Tags: Write contents to NFC-Tags (URLs, SMS, Phone No, vCards, MIME types…).
        Card emulation: Emulate Type 2 and Type 4 NFC tags, which can be read by other NFC-devices.P2P communication: Use the device for active NFC-based P2P communication to transfer data between NFC capable devices.

The device is delivered without any binary driver. Using LibUSB and LibNFC you can compile drivers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Using compiled driver you can further explore LibNFC C API and continue developing your own software.
On Windows platform you can use the official NXP Drivers for the PN533 based products.

NOTICE: Does not support software developed for the uFR Series of devices.


        Supports ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE®.
        Supports ISO/IEC 14443B.
        Supports MIFARE Classic® 1 KB or MIFARE Classic® 4 KB emulation encryption in Reader/Writer mode and MIFARE® higher transfer speed communication at 212 kbit/s and 424 kbit/s.
        Supports contactless communication according to the FeliCa protocol at 212 kbit/s and 424 kbit/s.
        Supports NFC P2P communication.
        Large community (LibNFC) support.
        Small dimensions (75 x 20 x 9 mm), convenient for everyday use.

Package content
1 x DL533N USB Stick NFC Reader Writer
5 x ISO14443 Contactless 1k cards (or key fobs*)

*Notice: key fob color and shape may differ from the one shown in the product photo.



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