LimeSDR Mini Cooling Case

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Lime SDR Mini Active Cooling Case


Lime AC Case: Mini

One case for LimeSDR Mini, including one fan.
ime AC (Active Cooling) Cases are designed for LimeSDR users who want to better manage heat generated by their devices. The cases also make LimeSDRs more portable - protecting the PCB from damage - while they provide RF shielding for enhanced performance. We’ve designed one case for the LimeSDR Mini and three versions for the LimeSDR USB Type-A.
For LimeSDR Mini

    Compatible with both LimeSDR Mini v1.1 and v1.2
    All major chips are connected to the case by 1 mm thick thermal silica pads
    Active cooling fan included
    LED indicator visible through the top of the case
    Fully-shielded - the vulnerable USB socket is especially protected

Installation note: In order to install a LimeSDR Mini in the case, the on-board RF shield must be desoldered. This allows for proper thermal conductivity. An RF shielding sponge replaces the functionality of the on-board shield.

LimeSDR Mini Active Cooling Case Only!



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