XYNC-SDR is a XTRX SDR-Modul Rack. HackRF One is an open source USB hardware platform. For Developer, Hacker and Pentester.

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Software Defined Radio HackRF One Portapack-Modul to leave your laptop behind! HackRF One Mobile OPS!

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WiFi Pineapple Tetra Hak5. Penetration testing device for network security audit. Check if your network is safe against vulnerabilitys. Hak5

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USB Pentesting device YARD STICK. Use your yard stick to test your environment. Compact SDR

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Bluetooth monitoring and testing. Affordable mini Bluetooth Stick. Test and Scan with Ubertooth One.

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XTRX is the smallest easily embeddable software-defined radio (SDR). It is both affordable and high-performance. XTRX SDR for PCIe

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