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O.MG Plug


O.MG Plug for Pentesters

Introducing the O.MG Plug

It’s ease of use and speed make it the perfect DuckyScript™ tool. Controlled over wifi. Just open your web browser. Mobile and desktop supported. Documentation is built in, so it’s always there when you need it. 

Payloads compile, transfer, and execute automatically with a single click. There is no faster way to do Payload tuning and rapid testing. Save and load multiple payloads to the onboard storage. Owners of the O.MG Cable will be right at home with the DuckyScript™ deployment web UI. We use a modified version for the O.MG Plug. 

The Small form factor is great for every day carry on a Keychain or in your pocket. Always have some mischief ready to go, with the O.MG Plug.

An O.MG Programmer is optional, but highly recommended.The Programmer allows you to install the latest firmware, recover if you lock yourself out, and just generally make the O.MG Plug impossible to "brick". The O.MG Plug is compatible with all O.MG Programmers (Both the A and A+C versions). 


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