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Shark Jack Cable Hak5


Shark Jack Cable Hak5 - Network Attack im Taschenformat NEU!

Das neueste Hak5 Gear für Penetration Tests und mehr.

Hotplug attack, meet LAN. These pocket-sized pentest boxes perform network assessments in seconds!

As tiny Linux computers, they run DuckyScript™ payloads powered by Bash. Armed out-of-the-box with an ultra fast network scanner, you'll get recon with the flick of a switch.

Or flip the switch to arming mode and sync up with the online library for a plethora of payloads — remote access, exfiltration & more.

With feedback by RGB LED, and now live in-shell with USB-C Serial on the NEW Cable edition.


Perfect for physical engagements. Keep this opportunistic wired network attack platform at the ready for intel & recon at a moments notice.

Even get live results and instant access to a Linux shell on the LAN with the Cable edition as shown.


The simple scripting language lets you quickly develop payloads using bash and familiar Linux network tools so you can automate any attack.


Jack into a LAN. Gather loot. Exfiltrate. Even interact with payloads and drop into a full Linux shell right from the web.


Root access with all the fixings and find familiar command line network utilities at the ready.

Just SSH in, or even drop into a shell over USB-C serial with the Cable edition. Widely support by Android OTG + Windows, Mac & Linux.



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