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Signal Owl Hak5

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Signal Owl Hak5


Signal Owl Hak5 - Pentest in the pocket NEW!

The latest Hak5 Gear is the perfect for penetration tester.

The Signal Owl by Hak5 is a signals intelligence platform with a simple payload system. It's packed with custom utilities and popular wireless tools - like Aircrack-ng, MDK4, Kismet, and more.

Its low USB power draw and small size make it convenient for mobile applications, while its discreet form factor and USB passthrough capabilities make it an ideal implant. The internal WiFi is optimized for near access operations, while a number of common transceivers are supported - such as GPS, SDR and Bluetooth.

Deploy one or more nodes to monitor airspace and track devices via WiFi, or optionally via Bluetooth and SDR, and manage remotely via Cloud C2.

Combo Kit includes Signal Owl, USB WiFi Adapter RT5370 and Hak5 Essential Gear Wrap.


Simple and Powerful

Coupled with custom utilities and popular wireless tools – like the Aircrack-ng Suite, MDK4, and Kismet – writing payloads couldn't be easier. With a simple and flexible framework, and an ecosystem of payloads from the Hak5 repository, getting started is easy.


Cloud C2 Ready

Deploy onsite. Manage from afar. Gather loot, interact with payloads and drop into a full Linux shell right from the web.



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