PandwaRF + Antenna Pack


PandwaRF + Antenna Pack

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PandwaRF + Antenna Pack

What is PandwaRF?

PandwaRF is a pocket-sized, portable RF analysis tool operating in the sub-1 GHz range. It allows the capture, analysis and re-transmission of RF via an Android device or a Linux PC. Practically, it removes the ‘standard SDR Grind’ of capturing, demodulating, analyzing, modifying and replaying by hand – replacing it with a simple but powerful interface.

System Overview

The PandwaRF system consists of two elements: the hardware device and the software controller, either an Android device or a PC. The hardware is a very capable device, tailored for beginners and advanced users alike. Beyond the functionality provided by the Android interface, the PandwaRF can be easily controlled and customized. No need to risk bricking your device or writing in C, the PandwaRF can be controlled by JavaScript, directly on the smartphone.


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