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InputStick Wireless Control

InputStick is a wireless USB receiver, compatible with Android and iOS devices. It allows your smartphone to become a wireless keyboard, mouse, multimedia and game controller. Applications can use InputStick to remotely control your PC: type, move mouse, etc. You can use InputStick to remotely control your PC: USB Remote, type passwords: KP2A plugin or use it in your application: InputStick API.

InputStick is detected as a generic USB keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth link is used to communicate with smartphone.

InputStick is compatible with wide range of hardware and operating systems.

InputStick is extremely easy to use, plug it into USB port and in a few seconds it's ready to go. You don't have to install any server software, custom drivers, configure network or root /"jailbreak" your phone.

Last but not least, InputStick is very portable: you can easily carry it in your pocket or attach to a keyring. You can also use multiple InputStick devices: one at home and one at the office, or use separate one for each device (PC, laptop, console).

WARNING: You are responsible for using this product in compliance with your local laws. Use for pentesting only!



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